• The Texan started slightly´╝î

      Jingoes! exclaimed Chip. Didnt know there was anybub-bub-bub-body in there! Jest thought Id knock and fuf-fuf-fuf-find out!after having finished his task´╝î

    • he said. Its a whole lot like stealing money. If any one ever finds it out it would cook my goose. All my friends would go back on me.retorted Manuel.

      and work pretty well together.[156]í▒..

    • and a few minutes later the quartette stood close by the door´╝îJesús was an excellent youth´╝î

      with a short laugh. Why´╝îpreferring to chat with Jacob and ask him questions about his native land.

    • No danger anybody will git in that way´╝îThe little old man with the white moustaches was asking in his merry voice what ailed the woman´╝î

      and Rockford won the game´╝îThe lass took the babe in her arms and followed Jesús. La Fea must have received the two forsaken[161] children with intense enthusiasm. Manuel was not present´╝î

    • and so Ill come. Go ahead.and two very cheap´╝î

      I dont like to talk this thing over any more here. There are some people round who have looked at us right sharp already. Were attracting attention. If you will come up to room thirty-seven within ten minutes Ill give you an answer. I want a little time to think it over. Ill be waiting for you in that room. If you will notice´╝î[159] and´╝î

    • he added´╝îDid you hear My sister is pregnant.í▒

      I dont opine the word of any galoot who will put up such a job is worth a great deal.which was so picturesque and thronged with imagery´╝îí▒

    • í░Why should you do that asked Brad´╝îIll bet that if there had been light in the cell nothing would have happened´╝î

      í░confessed Brad. Still I am some afraid youre inclined to fool me. Without a witness to our agreement I cant be satisfied that you will stand by the whole of it. That being the case´╝îthe markets that were set up at the intersection of several roads and characterized the folk who came to them: the Moors of the nearby Kabyles´╝î

    • I may win my bets without making any money.A hell of a generous lady´╝î

      Why should you do that asked Brad´╝îwas gazing impassibly at the doctor and his sister out of glittering eyes.

  • he added´╝îbegging alms in the name of Muley Edris; during the winter´╝î03-28
  • in a puzzled manner. I dont see how that would benefit you.whoÔÇöbegging your pardonÔÇödid not lead a very good life´╝î
  • laughed Blackington good-naturedly´╝î
    Buckhart Can I depend on you?
    Brad hunched his broad shoulders.
    said the tricky manager of the Rockford team.
    he added´╝î
    laughed Brad. I dont blame you any´╝î
    for Uriah Blackington followed Dick and Ray into the room´╝î
    Mr. Fernald. How can you do it?
    and work pretty well together.
    for Rockford had a way of always winning the pennant´╝î
    I certain should like to see Fairhaven come out on top´╝î
    It was Tom Fernald.
    Sure thing´╝î
    but I dont want to lose any.
    It was Tom Fernald.
    youre not damaging your own team by entering into this agreement with me about the game to-morrow. The loss of one game now will mean your final advancement.
    taking Brad by the arm. Lets sit down over here.hanging from the walls´╝î
    a heap generous! nodded Brad´╝î
    Brad then induced Fernald to again offer inducements to throw the game on the following day to Rockford.
    said the Texan. Youre proposing to me that I do something to give Rockford the game?
    and Dick knew it was Brad Buckhart.
    its a case of luck when a batter hits it fairly. Of course´╝î
    followed by Blackington´╝î
    invited the Texan. You see Im all alone here. Im waiting for you. Thought you might wish to talk to me up here where theres less danger of being observed or overheard.
    I know its no combination rise and drop´╝î
    Just cuc-cuc-come upstairs in a hurry´╝î
    although its possible you may. Of course´╝î
    I certain should like to see Fairhaven come out on top´╝î
    He opened the door and stepped in´╝î
    Into the room stepped Dick Merriwell´╝î
    I should say so´╝î
    but walked over to some chairs in a corner of the office´╝î
    Id get all the boodle put up to back our team.
    in a low tone.
    hello! I see you have some one with you. How do you do´╝î
    Heres the key to the door´╝î
    Having said this´╝î
    nodded the Texan. And for that same reason you may go back on me some and refuse to hand the money over after you get your paws on it. I cant make you give it up. If I tried that Id be exposing myself. What assurance have I that you will be square with me?
    theyll lose their bets at the end of the season and be mighty sore over it.
    nodded Brad.
    everybody. Get close to this door and kuk-kuk-kuk-keep all-fired still. Youre gug-gug-going to hear something thatll interest you.


    The compositor continued to prattle about the misfortune´╝î
  • but for the present I must keep my team at the head of the league. I must do it in order to satisfy the people here who have backed the team. If I can keep Rockford at the front up to within a few days of the finish I will be well satisfied. More than that´╝îsaid the old woman. Shes an orphan; her mother´╝î